Tips on Completing the Application

Apply for 2022-23 Cohort

All applicants for NCFTR apply through the Xavier University Graduate School.

Interested, but still have questions? – Please complete our General Interest Form and our team will contact you.

Application Instructions: 

  1. Select and/or type “Graduate” when prompted for Classification.
  2. On the Academic and Intended major section of the XULA graduate school application, you will be prompted to select a major from a drop-down menu. Under the category of Masters of Arts in Teaching, you will choose either Elementary Education (1-5) or Secondary Education with a concentration in either math, sciences, English, or social studies.
  3. Select yes when asked if you are applying for NCFTR

NOTE: The change in the process does not necessitate you to take a graduate entry exam or Praxis for admittance. You may still apply without fulling examination requirements. The process will allow for you to use and receive a contingent offer of acceptance into the XULA graduate school pending you’re academically cleared (2.5 GPA) and finically cleared from any previous institution (no pending or past due balance). You can also add transcripts and letters of recommendation to your application at a later date.

Reach out to with any questions or issues.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in connecting with a NCFTR team member about the program. You can also sign up for a phone call with a NCFTR recruiter by clicking here.

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